OLC offers the world's smallest cross flow blowers (cross flow fans or tangential fans)

with the best performance based on our proprietary techology

It overcomes three disadvantages of axial flow fans:

1. Axial fan hub has no contribution to the airflow, which lowers the efficiency of the airflow, specially the area close to the hub.

2. Axial flow fan generates a rotational or spiral airflow, which causes the turbulence noise when it reacts to the fins of heat sink.

3. Axial flow fan has the airflow inlet and outlet, which limits its applications where need lower profile.


The prominent difference from axial flow fan is that OLC's cross flow fan provides the directional flat airflow parallel to heatsink and component to be cooled.

It eliminates a space or Z-high for the air inlet and outlet.

It has lower noise, because it provides parallel airflow. It has high cooling efficiency with high airflow through all heatsink fins because it has no hub. Try us and see differences.